Malnad College of Engineering (MCE) is an education institute established in the year 1960 as a joint venture of Government of India, Government of Karnataka and the Malnad Technical Education Society at Hassan, Karnataka. The institute has a talent pool of 9 Engineering Departments, with 200+ faculty and 3500+ students on roll. 

Furthering its objectives beyond education MCE undertook to create social and economic impact in the Hassan region by supporting innovations and start-ups in the field of agriculture, education and technology in the year 2018.  Thus, Malnad Enclave for Research, Innovation, Incubation, Start-ups and Entrepreneurship (ME-RIISE) was formed by MCE in the year 2018 to initiate its above mentioned objectives supported by Management, Teaching staff and Students. Over the years, ME-RIISE has orchestrated more than 100 events and initiatives, resulting in significant benefits for over 3000 students. Through these endeavours, ME-RIISE has successfully supported in bringing out eight innovative prototypes and created nine new applications.

As a step towards further expanding its reach and enhancing its impact, ME-RIISE has set up a distinct entity, a Section 8 company, ME-RIISE FOUNDATION promoted by Malnad College of Engineering in September, 2022. This Section 8 company is composed of 5 Directors and 2 Advisors. ME-RIISE FOUNDATION is committed to promote innovation, incubation, start-ups, and entrepreneurship in the region and expand its reach, enabling students/ youth and aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their potential and contribute towards the growth of the economy. ME-RIISE FOUNDATION is committed to build upon the legacy of innovative activities established by ME-RIISE and further expanding its scope. In order to realize its vision, the foundation will work in collaboration with Malnad College of Engineering (MCE) to promote innovation, incubation, start-ups, and entrepreneurship.

Proposed activities of ME-RIISE FOUNDATION are:

  • Application of technology to promote arts, commerce, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment.
  • Providing the young graduates adequate management and technical training that will enable them to be creative and innovative in promoting business opportunities.
  • To create job and employment opportunities for the region of our nation.
  • To incubate the spirit of perseverance in the youths.

The foundation aims to create an abundance of opportunities for aspiring students and instil an entrepreneurial spirit within them.  Moreover, it can contribute to the growth and development of the region by fostering innovation and encouraging the creation of new start-ups.