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About Department of Chemistry

Chemistry is one of the vital branches of science without which life does not exists. Engineering is the application of basic sciences and it may be noted that all engineering branches originated from basic sciences. "Science without technology is useless and technology without science is blind".

The department of chemistry teaches and promotes practical aspects to build a solid foundation as part of the engineering education. The department prepares students for core engineering branches by educating them in the chemical knowledge in the first year. Many of engineering subjects depend on chemistry. The faculty members for chemistry are committed to the students and to research. The teaching staffs of the department have published more than 30 research papers of good repute in many national and international journals. The areas of research are chemical kinetics, corrosion inhibition studies and organic synthesis.

Department of Chemistry


  • To establish infrastructure and provide a conductive environment quality education.


  • To modernize the research laboratories to take up innovative projects.
  • To encourage the faculty to acquire Ph.D. degree and to motivate them to take research as an integral part of their professional duties.
  • To encourage the faculty to supervise projects for various branches of engineering students.
  • To facilitate the faculty to enhance their knowledge & skills, the required internet accessibility is provided.
  • Construction of smart class rooms for first year B.E. students.
  • To take up consultancy activities such as water analysis and soil testing.
  • Proposal to start B.E. course in Chemical Engineering.
  • Proposal to start Diploma in Chemical Engineering.
  • Proposal to start Industrial Chemistry PG course.