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About Department of Physics

Department of Physics is one of the right places in our college for understanding basic science.  The present department is a recognized research Centre from Vishweshvaraya Technological University (VTU), Belagavi where intense research is being taken place in the field of Quantum dots, Nanotechnology, Solar cells, Materials Science - Magnetic Materials, Magneto caloric Materials, Ceramics etc.

The department is equipped with well qualified teaching as well as research faculties and supporting staffs.  Also, it includes fully-fledged laboratories and advanced experimental setups for students to realize concepts in Physics. 

The overall agenda of the syllabus incorporated in the engineering physics is to expose the students to very important basic concepts related to the advanced technology available today around the globe.  The list of experiments included in the curriculum are totally related to the classroom theory-syllabus.  Therefore, the detailed discussions made in the classroom about the theory would be realized while conducting related experiments back in the laboratory.  In this process students would gain deeper knowledge of fundamental governing principles based on which the present day advanced engineering technologies are build.

Dr. Rangaraju M.R.

HOD and Professor
Department of Physics


  • To impart the quality education in the process of understanding fundamentals based on which the present or future technology is established. Exposing students to new and important basic concepts in physics to develop ability in them to solve complex engineering problems.


  • The department is with a proposal of starting master degree in Physics in the near future timeline. Also, up gradation of advanced experimental facilities to conduct frontline research for invention and innovation is the higher priority.