Scholarship Details

Deserving students can avail of several scholarships awarded by the Government of Karnataka. Here is a list of the scholarships and the corresponding applications that can be obtained from the Admission and Scholarship section during the month of every year.

  • Post Metric Scholarship to SC/ST
  • Fee-reimbursements to SC/ST
  • Fee- a concession to Category-l, IIA,IIIA,IIIB and GM
  • Extra boarding and lodging allowance to Category-I, IIA,IIIA,IIIB and GM
  • Defense Scholarship
  • Minority Scholarship
  • AICTE Pragati scholarship scheme for Girls students.
  • Karntataka Labor welfare Board Scholarship.
  • MHRD Scholarship (The Ministry of Human Resources Department)
  • Prathibha Puraskara Scholarship (Department of Technical Education)
  • Kittur Rani Channamma Prathibha puraskara Scholarship)
  • Disability Scholarship or Physically Disabled Scholarship
  • Arunachal Pradesh Scholarship (for  students living in the area)
  • Indian Oil Scholarship (for Uttar Pradesh students only)
  • Jindal Scholarship (by Sitaram Chandal Trust)
  • Municipality Scholarship (for children of employees only)
  • KSRTC Scholarship(for Employee Children Only)
  • Teacher Scholarship(for Employee Children Only)
  • Sri. Dharmasthala scholarship ( for employees children only)
  • LIC Scholarship
  • BSNL Scholarship
  • Other Scholarships.

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Any other issues related to Scholarship may contact the Student Dean-SA during working hours.



Sl. No

Scholarship Name


M – Foundation Scholarship (Group - D Employees only) of Malnad College of Engineering


M – Foundation   Scholarship for students


M – Foundation Best outgoing students a+ward  Scholarship


E&C Dept. Scholarship


P.S Ramesh  Scholarship


Shri. Abdul Gaffar Shariff Scholarship (For UG)


MYTHREE - 83 Best Academic Performer Award


Mr. K. M. K. Sharma 1984 Batch Scholarship


MTES- Gold Medls


Best Outgoing Student MTES-Scholarship


1981 NSS batch Scholarship


Mr. K. M. K. Sharma 1984 Batch Scholarship


Dr. H. Ananthan  Scholarship


Mr. Dinakar A  Scholarship


1979 – 84 NSS last batch Scholarship Group–D employees of Malnad College of Engineering


Mr. B.V. Vijaya  Scholarship


Sarandeep Singh Memorial Scholarship


Sarandeep Singh Memorial Badminton Cup


Sri. K.R. Venkateshamurthy- Smt. M.K. Kalavathi” Corpus Scholarship Fund


Sri.N.Gurudutt Scholarship B.K. Seetharamiah Memorial Award


Sri. B. Prakashkumar Scholarship


Smt. Gowramma and             Sri Thammaiah Shetty Cash award


Sri. Ravi Bale Scholarship


Dr. H. J. Amarendra Scholarship (Smt. Srikantha Rathna H N)


Shri. Ramesh Scholarship



  • Issue of notification for Karnataka Government scholarships, processing of students’ records and forwarding the same to the concerned authorities.
  • Issue of notification of other Central Government/Private Scholarships and processing of such records/forwarding the same to the concerned authorities.
  • Issue of notification of MTES Scholarship, initiated by the MTES ®, Hassan.
  • MTES Gold Medals for branch toppers
  • MTES Best outgoing student award


1. Personal Accident as per Students safety insurance i.e., Capital Sum Insured (CSI) of Rs. 3 lakhs per student/staff.


(100% of CSI – in case of Accidental Death or Loss of 2 limbs or 2 eyes or 1 limb

& 1 Eye or Permanent Total Disablement due to any other injuries. 50% of CSI on Loss of 1 limb or 1 eye.

2. Tuition Fees Cover: - available only for Students :-

In case of death of Earning Parent in an accident, Tuition Fee is payable - (tuition

fees for the remaining semesters subject to maximum of Rs 3 lakhs.

3. Medical expenses of student & Staff for In-Patient Hospitalization due to accident up to Rs 50,000/-

Policy Excess: 1% of the Claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 500.

Loss of school bag of student in the accident up to Rs 1500.


1. Proper Attendance Register giving the names of all students is maintained throughout the Policy Period, which is to be made available to Insurer if required.

2. Additional student/staff can be added to the policy after collection of additional premium per head.

3. Claim Payment to parent/guardian of the student as recorded in the school register and as certified by the school Authorities.

4. Death/Medical Expenses due to any sickness/illness are not covered.

5. Other Terms and Conditions and warranties as per New India Student Safety Policy Clauses attached herewith.

On application submitted by a student, the institute may issue or liaison with the college and university for:

· Study certificate ( Present Studying and Passed Out Students)

· Fee Estimation certificate for Bank Study Loan ( Present Studying Students)

· Transfer Certificate (Through Proper Channel)

· Tuition Fee Paid Certificate ( Present Studying Students)

· CGPA Certificate (for Passed Out Students)

· Medium of Instruction Certificate (for Passed Out Students)

· Provisional Degree Certificate (for Passed Out Students)

· Course Completion Certificate (for Passed Out Students)

· Bonafide certificate ( for employment and Pass port purpose only)

· Marks cards (M.Tech- VTU Scheme) Dean SA will issue the required Marks cards)- Scholarship Section


For any further information/help queries, the contact person is:


Dr.H.S Narashimhan

Dean-Student Affairs

Contact No: 9448919722