Idea Development Evaluation and Application (IDEA) LAB, introduced by AICTE, New Delhi, is a movement in the country to enhance required skill in youths to make them employable in the engineering domain. Aim is also to expose our next generation to the advanced tools and technology available at the global standard. Malnad College of Engineering is proud to receive this prestigious project, which is one among 49 institutions in the country and one among 5 institutions in Karnataka state. We are happy that the present IDEA LAB has been inaugurated by our Honourable higher education minister of Govt. of Karnataka on 26th April 2022. The total cost of the project is 96.3 lakhs; 50% of the grant is provided by AICTE and another 50% by our college management . This is one of the AICTE Quality Improvement Schemes (AQIS) launched by Govt of India, which would align with the New Education Policy (NEP) to emphasis experience-based learning.

The stakeholders of the IDEA LAB are students and faculty members of all types of colleges and schools, local industry people, farmers, alumni, dropout students/unemployed youth in village/urban area. Such state of-the-art facility has been established in the college campus area of more than 4000 square feet. The lab will be kept open for 24/7 for all its stakeholders to make their own schedule of training and working. Motto of the MCE-IDEA lab is to train up a person to design and prepare a prototype of a product starting from its scratch.

Vision: MCE AICTE IDEA LAB envisions becoming a hub for innovation and hands-on learning, fostering a global-standard ecosystem where individuals transform ideas into tangible prototypes to address real-world challenges. 

Mission: Our mission is to empower a diverse range of stakeholders, indluding students, faculty, industry professionals, formers, alumni, and unemployed youth, by providing round-the-clock access to advanced tools, interdisciplinary collaboration, and prototype-centric training aligning with NEP-2020 and AQIS-AICTE goals for experiential learning.

S.N.Type of the eventCompleted
1No. of of FDP conducted03
2No. of of skilling program conducted07
3No. of startup incubated02
4No. of projects completed200
5No. of Ideation workshop completed02
6No. of school awareness program completed02
7No. of industry/academic conclave conducted02
8No of internship program completed05
9No of major projects completed04
10No. of stakeholders trained 1432
11No. of other stakeholders who were introduced to AICTE IDEA LAB.         3000