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About Department of Mathematics

 Establishment of department of Mathematics took place in the year 1960. Since 1960, the department continues to impart mathematical skill and analytical thinking to all engineering graduates of this institution. our focus is primarily on teaching and equally on research also. The department is equipped with 15 dedicated faculties with 04 Ph.D.'s. 08 members are perusing Ph.D. in the field of applied mathematics.

Dr M.K Partha

Professor and Head
Department of Mathematics


  • To be good research center in the field of applied mathematics.


  • Update faculty members with advances   in mathematics of physics   and allied subjects.
  • Introduce computer based tools  and techniques for modeling and solving mathematical connected physics problems.
  • To be a master degree awarding department in applied mathematics.
  • To depute faculties to premier i institutes so as to peruse research in the field of applied mathematics.