Electronics and Communication Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering Research

  • Photonics and Optical Networks
  • Image Processing
  • Computer Networks
  • Antennas and Wave Propagation
  • Internet of Things

Research Faculty Details

S.No Research Supervisor Specialization Awarded University Year of Award
1. Dr. Keerthi D S Computer Networks VTU, Belagavi 2021
2. Dr. G Padmaja Devi Image Processing VTU, Belagavi 2020
3. Dr. C L Triveni Photonics and Optical Networks VTU, Belagavi 2020
4. Dr. Indira Bahaddur Photonics and Optical Networks VTU, Belagavi 2020
5. Dr. Murthy Mahadev Naik Antennas and Wave Propagation Mysore University 2019
6. Dr. Venkateshwara Rao Kolli Photonics IISc, Bengaluru 2018
7. Dr. P C Srikanth Photonics and Optical Networks VTU, Belagavi 2012

Research Scholars

S.No Student Name Guide Name Field of Study Scholar Type Research Type Year of Admission
1. Yashaswini P R Dr. P C Srikanth Analysis of Photonic Sensors for Various Applications Full Time Ph.D 2019
2. Santhosh Kumar K B Dr. B. R. Sujatha Reliable Transmission of Bio-Medical Signals for Telemedicine Full Time Ph.D 2016
3. Mahantesh U Dr. H. S. Mohana, A neovl Approach to Human Action Recognition using Data Fusion Techniques Full Time Ph.D 2016
4. Satheesh M K Dr. H. S. Mohana Secure Steganography Algorithm for Color Images in Wavelet Transform Domain Full Time Ph.D 2016
5. Baby.H.T Dr. B. R. Sujatha CHAOS based Key Generation for CryptoSystems Full Time Ph.D 2015
6. Husna Johar.R.B Dr. B. R. Sujatha Adaptive OFDM MIMO Techniques for Wireless Sensor Networks Full Time Ph.D 2015
7. Lakshman Dr. P. C. Srikanth Photonic crystal based filters Full Time Ph.D 2015
8. Yashwanth N Dr. B R Sujatha Node Localization in Under Water Wireless Sensor Networks Full Time Ph.D 2014
9. Dr. B. R. Sujatha M.N.Ravikumar ECC for Multimedia in Wireless Networks Full Time Ph.D 2014
10. Siddique Iqbal Dr. B. R. Sujatha Efficient Key Management Schemes for Security in Wireless Sensor Networks Full Time Ph.D 2014
11. Adarsh.D Dr. P. C. Srikanth Energy Efficient Wireless ADHOC Networks Full Time Ph.D 2013
12. C L Triveni Dr. P C Srikanth Performance Analysis of Slice Optical Networks Full Time Ph.D 2013
13. Indira Bahaddur B Dr. P C Srikanth A study on Performance of Pressure sensors based on Photonic crystal Full Time Ph.D 2013

Project Title : Design and performance analysis of Photonic sensors for various applications

Sanctioned Year : 2021

Amount : Rs. 2,40,000

Funding/Sanction agency : DST - Ph.D. fellowship for Science and Engineering

Status : Completed

Principal Investigators : Yashaswini P R

Project Title : Design and Performance Evaluation of Photonic-Crystal Based Elastic Optical Switches for Next Generation Optical Networks

Sanctioned Year : 2024

Amount : Rs. 23,01,332

Funding/Sanction agency : DST - Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB)

Status : Ongoing

Principal Investigators : Dr. C L Triveni

Project Title : Precision Agriculture for Optimization of Nutrient and Water Management using Machine-Learning-based Fertigation

Sanctioned Year : 2023

Amount : Rs. 3,00,000

Funding/Sanction agency : VGST

Status : Completed

Principal Investigators : Dr. Bhagya D