Science Association

Vision : 
Spreading knowledge of science and technology for the betterment the society and provide a platform for upcoming talents in this field.

Mission : 
To cater genuine interest in science and to enlighten students about the scientific facts by providing a practical dimension 

Events conducted by SA:

SMART: It is an event which is conducted for school children to provide them a platform to exhibit their talents along with a scientific exposure . We conduct SMART to enlighten the bright minds and to spread the essence of science.It is one of the main events organized outside the college which emphasizes on helping young student minds to build a better future.

SCIENTIA: The word 'Scientia' is derived from Latin which means knowledge, a knowing, expertness, or experience. As the name says we are united to achieve the best of all that means. Science is a building blocks for the widespread architecture called technology. Scientia-One of the major technical event organised in MCE. This event aims at enlightening students and making them realize the practical aspects of science.People from all around the state gather to witness this intercollegiate Technical Fest. To inculcate interests in individual’s development several inter-branch and Open events are conducted in SCIENTIA.

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Staff Convener       : Mr. Rudre Gowda
Student President   : Vikas H.S. 
Vice President        : Deepak H.D. 
                               Annapoorna D.K.
General Secretary   : Sharath Krishna C. 

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