Students’ Clubs and Associations:

Students’ Activity Calendar of Events for Odd and Even semesters is notified during the commencement of the well in advance of the respective semesters. Various Clubs/Associations are active within the campus for the college students and outside the campus for school children. They organize and conduct activities in the fields of Art, Technical, Literary, Sports, Cultural and Social issues. The College, District, Zonal and State level activities are conducted during Saturdays and Sundays of Odd and Even semester academic calendar. Office of Dean (Student Affairs) will make necessary arrangements for various Club activities organized by the Student Clubs and Associations of the college. The following is the list of various active clubs/ associations in the campus:


·         Cultural Association

·         Eco Club

·         Leo Club

·         Literary Club

·         Rotract Club

·         SPICMACAY

·         Science Association

·         Technical Club

·         Department associations