● To promote student's interest over environmental issues.
● To get the students actively involved in environmental issues.


To create an environmental friendly society which can actively get involved in environmental education.


By involving students to participate in activities like awareness, conservation, education, community participation, etc.

Objectives of Eco Club

● To educate the students about their environment.
● To create a clean and green consciousness among students through various innovative methods.

● To involve them in efforts to preserve the environment.

● To motivate students on how to imbibe habits and life style for minimum waste generation.

Activities of Eco Club

● Action-based activities like tree plantation (herbal garden), cleanliness drives both within and outside the college campus.
● Placing display boards on selected trees in the campus by specifying biological names and common names.

● Eternity - a event which triggers the eco-concern among the technical students and develops an understanding that nature is the ultimate technology.

● Vanya chaithanya is a event to imbibe concern for wild and wilderness in budding brains of in and around Hassan.

● Spot Fixing - every year Malnad eco club chooses a spot in Hassan city, immaculate that place and also maintains it.


Malnad College of Engineering