These are the reports of the achievements by the Department of Physical Education and Sports:

Achivements of our students

Facilities Available in Campus

Our college students have participated in numerous events in Games and sports such as cricket, football, handball, table tennis, hockey, kho-kho etc. in VTU Inter-collegiate tournaments. The awards and prizes bagged are as follows:

In Group Games:

1)    Table tennis team participated VTU Inter-collegiate tournaments held at VVCE, Mysore and secured 1st place.

2)    Kho-Kho men’s team participated in VTU Inter-collegiate tournament held at BGSIT, Bellur and secured 2nd place, and women’s team secured 3rd place.

3)    Hockey team participated VTU Inter-collegiate tournament held at GNDC, Bidar secured 1st place.

4)    Our college Hand Ball team participated VTU Inter-collegiate tournament held at MVJCE, Bangalore and secured 1st Place.

5)    Cross country team secured overall championship held at Dr. TTIT, Kolar. And Mr. Kumaraswamy secured Gold medal in this event.

6)    Our college staff Dr. M R Rangaraj  and Mr. N E Ramesh participated VTU staff badminton Tournament and secured 1st place organized by RVCE, Bangalore.

Individual Events:

1)    Mr. Ravindranath secured 1st place in wrestling competition.

2)    Mr. Darshan H. S. in gymnastic competitions secured 3 gold medals in different events.

3)    Mr. Kumaraswamy secured 1st place in 10000 and 5000 meters race.

4)    Ms. Gaana K P secured 3rd Place in Long Jump.

Following are the list of students who have represented Vishveshwaraya Technological University in Inter-University competitions:

1)    Mr. Kumaraswamy H N and Mr. Sharath T has represented VTU cross-country team organized by Guru Nanak university, Patiala.

2)    Mr. Karthikeya 6th EC has represented VTU Cricket team organized by Pondicherry  university.

3)    Ms. Sona M L 6th CS has represented VTU Kho-Kho team organized by Mangalore University.

4)    Mr.  Darshan 8th Civil has represented VTU in Kho Kho men’s team organized by Calicut university, Kerala.

5)    Mr. Nishanth S. Rao and Mr. Suman Kumar T K has represented VTU in Hand ball team organized by Bharatidasan university, Tiruchinapalli.

And above all, our college has bagged a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh for the Best Achievement in the field of sports, from the Department of Physical Education VTU.

Also, Malnad College of Engineering is one of the 1st Institutions to implement Physical Education for students as a regular curriculum.

Every year in the month of February, The Department of Physical Education and Sports organizes “Annual Athletic Meet” for our College students. Winners in various events are given away prizes.

These wonderful feats and achievements in the field of Sports are possible only because of the guidance and active support from Mr. D. L. Somashekhar, Assistant Director of Physical Education and Sports, our Principal, College Management and Section heads.


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