Chairman’s Message …..

Sri. Ashok Haranahalli.

Governing Council
Malnad College of Engineering
Hassan – 573202.

I welcome you all to M C E, Hassan.  This hand book will serve as a guide to familiarize you with your rights and responsibilities as a student of this college. It describes our services, rules & regulations, besides contains all other important information that will serve as a point of reference throughout your college years.

Malnad College of Engineering, Hassan, is one of the reputed Engineering Colleges in this part of our country. Its autonomous programs have a balanced and updated curriculum based on employment/ students need and demands.  Recognizing that all the students do not have the same interests and abilities, the programs are varied and seek to provide all the students with the best possible education. Our activities offer many opportunities for an active participation. We encourage you to become active members of the various literary and other clubs, sports etc., that interest you.  This is also a great way to make your college stay an everlasting experience and to cherish.

I wish you all the success.

Ashok Haranahalli