Achievements & Honours



Staff Achievements & Honours

Staff Achievements & Honours

Dr. S.R.Jayaram

Recipient of Young Scientist fellowship 1990-91, Department of Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology in the area of Tribology.

Recipient of Young Scientist Fellowship 1990-91, COSTED, Chennai.

Won the best paper award for the paper “  Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Nylon 66 and MoS2 blends”  at the International Conference on the  Industrial Tribology   held at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore – 2006

Dr. S. Mohan Kumar

GoI’s DST (Ministry of S&T) BOYSCAST Young Scientist during 1990-91in the area of Robotics & Automation and was a visiting Research Faculty at Univ. of Minnesota, USA.

GoK’s Sir C.V. Raman Young Scientist in the Year 1997in recognition outstanding contribution to Engineering Science.

Prof.  Vijayavithal Bongale

Delivered a lecture on “Finite Element Method for Heat Transfer and Fluid flow problems” in Three days National workshop organized by NIT Calicut, under TEQIP-II, from August 16th – 18th 2014.

Dr. K.A.Venugopal

Awarded with Best Teacher for Teachers of Excellence Beyond Boundaries by Banglore Education Trust 7th Sept. 2015.

Dr. M. S. Srinath

Recipient of Young Scientist award for the year 2014  by Vision Group of Science & Technology, Government of Karnataka.

A patent filed on Microwave Joining of Metallic Materials (1994/Del/2009).

Students Achievements

Students Achievements

•         Deepak N. V. and Akash H. G. – First Prize in Jnana Prastuti- Technical Paper Presentation Competition held at PESCE, Mandya

•          Sridhara R. Iyengar- First Prize in E-Manthana 2K15-paper presentation held at AIT, Chikkamagaluru

•         Many UG/PG Students have attended and presented Technical Papers in various national and international conferences

•         Mechanical Engineering Department Students excelled also in Malnad Fest and awarded with overall Championship for the year 2014-15




•         Shashank Lingappa M. – First Rank with Gold Medal – M.Tech(IAR)-2014-15

•         Roopa R. – Third Rank- M.Tech(IAR)-2014-15