Prof.K Narasimhan



Prof.K Narasimhan

Associate professor & Former Head
Dept.of Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering, MCE,HASSAN
Phone: 9886117004
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Education Qualification

BE - Instrumentation Technology

M.Tech - Biomedical Instrumentation

Position Held

Academic Position Held

Associate Professor and Former Head,

Teaching Experience

31+ years

Research Interest

Research Interest

Intellectual Property Rights, Biomedical Signal Processing,Digital Image Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation, Medical Imaging, DSP,Core  Instrumentation, Computer Networks.


Other Achievements
  1. Coordinated two days workshop on Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision in May 2005 at MCE, Hassan.
  2. Coordinator, ICT (MAHITHI SINDHU) of GoK for Hassan District.
  3. Coordinated One day National workshop on Patents and Innovations on 30th August 2013 at MCE, Hassan.
  4. Coordinated One day Hands-on workshop on Embedded Controllers for Students of Electrical Sciences in September 2013  at Dept. of IT MCE, Hassan.
  5. Working in the Dept from inception.
  6. Offciated as  HOD-IT since Januaury 2012 and also Chairman of BOS(IT) and BOE(IT) till Jan 2015.
  7. Officiating in various positions in college level activities like Graduation day, Orientation day from several years.
  8. Presently officiating as Member, BOS/BOE/DAC - E&I Engg, MCE, Hassan.
  9. Previously represented as member in  several composite BOE/ BOS (IT/ML/BMI) of University of Mysore and VTU,Belgaum.   
  10. Participated in Twodays’ workshop on “Real Time Integration & Implementation of Sensors” during 20th& 21st Feb 2017at MCE, Hassan.
  11. Participated in Two days workshop on “Embedded System Design using ARM processor”, 10th& 11th March 2017 at MCE, Hassan.
  12. Participated in One week workshop on “Digital Signal & Image Processing for Biomedical Applications.” from 20th to 24th March 2017, at MCE, Hassan.
  13. Attended AICTE/ISTE/TEQIP sponsored training programmes / refresher courses / workshops / symposiums / seminars in the topics of interest.