Object Oriented Programming with C++

One week certification course organised by the department of IS&E from 11 January 2016 to 17 January 2016 for students of fourth semester.


Computer Programming using "C" (Course Code: CS205/CS105)

Remedial classes conducted for students who are academically weak in the course Computer Programming using C of second Semester B.E.



Resource person - Dr. P. Nagabushan


Current Software Practices in Industry

Resource person - Mr. Suresh, Mind tree, Bangalore


Technical Report Writing using Latex

Resource Person  -Dr. Geetha Kiran A., Professor, CS&E and Ms. Uma B. Associate  Professor, CS&E, MCE, Hassan


Applications of Image Processing

Resource Person - Dr. Sathish Kulkarni, Scientist/Engg., MCF, Hassan


Self Assessment Report for Accreditation

Resource Person - Dr. Jayarekha P., Dr. Dakshayani M., Ms. Nagarathna N., Associate Professors, B.M.S. College of Engineering, Bengaluru.


Student projects in Computer Networking

Resource Person - Mr. Raghavendra C.R. Managing Director, Kaiten Software Solutions, Bengaluru.


Web Portal Development

Resource Person - Mr. Vijaykanth and Mr. Santhosh S., Software Engineers, TCS, Bengaluru


Glimpse of Software Development activities

Resource person - Dr. Shivanand Handigund, Professor, Nagarjuna College of Engineering, Bengaluru


Latex for Technical Report Writing

Resource Person - Dr. Geetha Kiran A., Professor & Head, IS&E, MCE, Hassan Ms. Uma B. Associate Professor and Dean (SW) CS&E, MCE, Hassan


Java Programming Made Easy

Resource Person - Mr. Darshan M and Mr. Shreesha, Trainee Software Engineers, Razor Think Software Company, Bengaluru