1.Tutoring junior students by senior students

Philosophy - To provide an interactive atmosphere that will help junior computer science students to better understand the fundamental and advanced concepts, and also to provide an opportunity for senior students to develop teaching, organizational and leadership skills.

Approach -Few enthusiastic and fairly intelligent senior students are chosen to work as tutors.  A group of 7 to 10 students are assigned a tutor, who will interact through discussion, problem solving and demonstration of important topics in the course.  The tutor handles the group for about an hour. This is carried out 2 to 3 times before each test.

Target students-second year students

Course -  Microprocessor, OOPs, Digital Principles.

Outcome -The experience of both faculty and students involved in the entire process has endorsed that this approach creates an effective learning environment, wherein all stakeholders like department, faculty, junior and senior students are benefitted.


2. Demonstration of Algorithms or Methods -

Philosophy -A method or algorithm can be better understood through demonstration.

Approach - We demonstrated several important methods like - binary search, bubble sort, selection sort, pipelining, etc by using a set of students in the classrooms.

Course -Data structure, Python programming, Microprocessor

Outcome -Students have given positive feedback to this approach of teaching.