Department Association Activity was inaugurated on 11/08/2015, payed tribute to Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, co-ordinator welcomed all the third semester students, there was an introduction session by the third semester students, later snacks were distributed to all the students and faculty members. All the faculty members were present.



After inauguration first association activity was conducted, first activity is aptitude test which is conducted for 3rd and 5th semester students.  7th semester went to training and placement office for training as DELL is going to visit MCE on 24th Monday.  Around 60 students participated in an aptitude test.



Puzzles test was conducted, a team of 2 members were made.  As Rachana of 7th semester got placed in DELL company, she shared her experience.  Later results of the puzzles test were announced.



Answers for the puzzles were discussed.  Winners names were announced and motivated videos were shown to the students.



Test on 'C' skills was conducted successfully.  Certificates for the students were distributed by HOD (event participation - 2014 jamboree). 2 motivated videos were shown to the students.



A group discussion was conducted.  Totally 11 teams were made each of 5 members.  30 minutes time was given to discuss the topic, then one individual from each team was allowed to speak on the topic.  It was a very interesting session, students enjoyed a lot and participated with good spirit.  The session was ended up by showing the motivational video.



Conducted one day workshop on "Glimpse of Software project Development Activities" by Dr. Shivanand Handigund. It was really good and helped students in writing their project report.



12/01/2016 & 01/02/2016

Final year students taught LATEX for 6th semester, which will help the students to write the project report using LaTeX.



Conducted debate on the incident that happened in Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi on 08/08/2015



Mr. Arun Kumar, Principal Consultant, Cybersites India Private Limited delivered a lecture on Enterprise Resource Management



Students were taken to Dyana Mandira which is in college campus.  Mr. Prakash, Registrar of MCE, put forth the benefits of meditation in the busy life to the students and motivated the students to do meditation.



INFINITY, one day technical event was conducted.  Events like Bug Hunt, Code and Treasure hurt was successfully conducted.  Students from ISE of MCE, BCE, AIT, RIT and Government Engineering College participated with true spirit.



A fair well for outgoing students was conducted on this day.  HOD and Dr. Prabhakara, Professor addressed the gathering, students gave their feedback, simple working lunch was arranged.




Association activity for the academic year 2016-2017 was inaugurated and third semester were formally welcomed to the department, HOD addressed the gathering, III semester students introduced themselves to the gathering, snacks was arranged.



Class Representatives and the branch representatives from III, V and VII semester was selected (BR-Keerthi B. Shet, Abhinav Sundaram, CR-Ruchika VII semester, Abhinav S Kattemane V semester, Suveer Jain from III semester.



Motivational speach of Mr Sandeep Maheshwari was showed to the student and at the end test on observational skill was conducted. Winners were given chocolate.



Prof Prabhakara H.S. delivered a lecture on " Report writing and enhancing presentation skills" for III,Vand VII sem students . Many faculty members also participated in the session.



Group activity was conducted, about 6 groups were made. Each group consists of 3-4 students from each semester. There were 5 rounds like puzzle, memory test, identifying famous personalities, telling maximum number of words in 1 minute and quiz.(winning team members: Shubhashree, Thejaswini, Kavya, Sinchana, Anusha, Aishwarya, Kishore, Shradha, Chaitra, Hemanth)



Dr.G. Shivakumar , Prof.& head , EIE, delivered a talk on "Online Courses for Improving Learning Outcomes". Students from 3rd, 5th and7th participated in session, also all faculty members attended the session.



Final year students taught LaTeX for sixth semester. Which will help the students to write the project report using LaTeX .



Final year students taught LaTeX for fifth semester students. Which will help the students to write the project report using LaTeX .



Final year students taught LaTeX for fifth semester students.