TEQIP III Activities 


Title of the Program :

Applications of Finite Element Analysis in Industrial Product Design  (Training)

The training Programme aims to provide a broad perspective in Computational Engineering, with a focus on Finite Element Analysis. The workshop will demonstrate the applicability of the techniques in a wide variety of emerging applications from advanced manufacturing, structural design, automotive engineering, bioengineering, energy research, etc. The workshop is primarily aimed at pre-final and final year bachelor students. However, it is open for anyone interested in a career in engineering design.

The Training Programme includes classroom and laboratory sessions on the first two days. The Lab sessions are tailored to connect theoretical aspects with options available in commercial softwares.

On the first day, the workshop will address basics of FEA, issues related to generation of CAD models and create high-quality meshes. Second day will address material modeling, advanced topics like contact / plasticity etc.  followed by novel approaches like Discontinuous Galerkin, XFEM, Isogeometry that have enhanced capability of FEM in the recent decade.Final day will involve the students working in teams on an industry-motivated project, followed by a career session.

From 05/01/2018 to 07/01/2018

No. of  Participants :30


1) Dr. Y. Arunkumar

2)  Dr. M.S. Srinath

3) Mr. HEmanth T.S

Association with: Engineer Materials Inc.


Title of the Program :

Advanced Manufaturing and Processing Techniques  (FDP)

From 12/02/2018 to 17/02/2018

No. of  Participants : 45

From 12/02/2018 to 17/02/2018


1) Dr. M.S. Srinath

2)  Dr. Y. Arunkumar

3) Mr. Hemanth T.S


Title of the Program :

Industrial Hydraulics and Pnuematics

From  27/02/2018   to 28/02/2018


1) Mr. S.S. Mahesh

2) Mr. D.N. Ravikiran