Lab Facilities

  1. CAD/CAM/CAE  Laboratory
  2. Computer Numerical  Control machines Laboratory
  3. Software Applications laboratory
  4. Metrology and Measurements laboratory
  5. Industrial Engineering and Ergonomics laboratory
  6. Machine shop
  7. Workshop


The CAD/CAM/CAE laboratory is fully modernised with latest computing facility capable of handling complex 3D Solid Modeling, Manufacturing and Analysis Applications. Laboratory has powerful high perfromance computers. Printers, Plotters inter connected and accessed in the various departments through OFC Network. It has latest versions of Solid Edge, UG NX, FEMAP NASTRAN, ANSYS - Solid Modeling, Analysis and Manufacturing softwares. The laboratory allows students to explore 3D solid modeling of parts, assemblies and to carry out the simulation.


CNC laboratory includes  CNC turning, CNC Milling Machines with  Automatic Tool Changing facility. It is well equipped to support the CNC curriculum of Industrial Technology. All these machines are portable, state-of-the-art CNC systems and similar to larger industrial machines using ISO and Fanuc-compatible programs. This laboratory in conjunction with the CAD/CAM laboratory provides a training facility for completely automated design and manufacturing methods.
In this laboratory students will learn -
Advanced programming and machining principles.
Develop programs for CNC equipment manually and with CAD/CAM software.
Setup and program CNC equipment.
Convert information from CAD to CAM and to CNC G-code.
Demonstrate analytical skills for the mathematics used in numerical control.
Interface serial communications between CNC equipment and computers.


This laboratory has facilities for testing the ergonomic aspects of design of systems. It is furnished with instruments and equipments to carry out a number of experiments related to industrial engineering like: Rating exercises, Determination of time standards, Application of principle of motion economy, Measurement of effect of work on human body, and Recording techniques.


In this laboratory students are exposed to Industrial Applications of various softwares that are useful in providing solutions to Industrial Engineering, Management, Quality Control, Optimization of Resources and Layout problems Students will be trained to provide feasible solutions for complex industrial problems using the softwares like Oracle, Visual Basic, SYSTAT, TORA, Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, Factory CAD, Factory Flow , Jack.


This laboratory is equipped with latest precision measuring and metrological instruments to measure various engineering dimensions to the order of microns. Students will be trained to use measuring instruments for making measurements related to linear, angular, cylindrical, radial dimensions. Students will learn the measurement of taper, thread elements, profiles, gear tooth parameters, surface textures. The laboratory is equipped with high precision Non Contact type Coordinate Measuring Machine, latest PC based Profile Projector integrated with AUTOCAD software that facilitates the export of measured parameters and contours to the software for the drafting and further analysis.