Department of Industrial and Production Engineering

Industrial and Production Engineering is a core asset for industries competing on a global market. The programme provides competencies both in technology and management aspects of modern production systems. The Production Systems profile provides with skills in design, implementation and operation of conventional and advanced production operations. The knowledge of core subjects in the curriculum starting from basic engineering, design and  production to the advanced CAD/CAM/CAE, automation, robotics, simulation, computer-based visualisation,  and human factors in complex systems emphasizes on the creation of  efficient, effective and innovative systems  with lower product development costs and a  greatly shortened design cycle.


The methods to manage complexity and control of advanced production systems have been added in the curriculum. The Production Management profile focuses on new production strategies and management. The Manufacturing Technology profile deals with methods and technology for advanced manufacturing.  Modern Reengineering and improvement tools as well as methods used in analysing manufacturing system performance are the specialized areas  in the curriculum. In addition to the core subject areas,  a range of elective courses provide a wide spectrum of choices in the emerging areas.


Over the years, the department has created and maintained very good laboratories with modern infrastructure. The department’s library and internet facilities are simply good and have registered extra-ordinary utilization levels. The new changes in the curriculum enable learners to  acquire excellent knowledge and skills to be competitive  in the global perspective.


This Branch of Engineering  was started during  the year 1982 and obtained Autonomous Status in 2007.

NBA Accredited during 2004-2007 and 2008-2011


B.E.,  in Inudstrial and Production Engineering. 

Accredited under  Tier -I Institutions 

from  2017-2018 to  2019-2020