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Lab Facilities


The Department of CS&E has well established laboratories like:

 Computer Science Laboratory-I

 Computer Science Laboratory-II

  Hardware Laboratory

  Project Laboratory

 Programming  Laboratory

 Cloud Computing Research Laboratory


Cloud Computing Research Laboratory

The research laboratory on Cloud Computing  has been established in the department of Computer Science and Engineering for the benefit of students and faculty of our College under TEQIP-II.  This Research Laboratory to facilitate the researchers and students/faculty of department and college. Cloud Computing research Laboratory will foster the introduction of new innovative Technologies at our premises for the benefit of faculties, students and Institution. The major benefits of this research laboratory are Research on Distributed and Cloud Systems, Big-data Analytics, Analysis of Sensor Network Data, Learn High Level Programming Models, encouraging the students to write applications on data mining, Web programming, parallel searching algorithms, Parallel sorting algorithms and Mass document searching.



The department laboratories are well equipped and cater to the needs of academic programs.