Lab Facilities

Facilities in the Department :

The department has well equipped laboratories with modern instruments, developed with the financial assistance from the State, and the Central Governments. The different laboratories are:

Basic Material Testing Laboratory

This laboratory has facilities for testing engineering materials. It has a 100 T UTM in addition to many state-of-the-art testing devices. The lab is extensively serving the needs of material testing for ongoing projects in Hassan and neighbouring districts.

Geo-technical Engineering Laboratory

This laboratory houses the equipments for soil testing. The laboratory is used in the testing of soil samples for many projects including Hassan-Bangalore Railway line project. A research work on stabilised clay is being carried out in this laboratory.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

This lab is equipped with sophisticated facilities for training students in water quality studies and management. Some of the facilities available include Gas Chromatograph, Ion Selective Electrode Meter, Data logging Spectrophotometer (HACH) and Microbiological investigation facilities. The laboratory is extensively used in several water quality monitoring projects with special emphasis on FLUORIDE problem in drinking water.

Cement Concrete and Highway Materials Testing Laboratory

This laboratory has facilities for testing cement, aggregates and asphalt. It has a 50 T loading frame with digital devices for measuring strains and deformations. Concrete mix design, Material testing and Non-destructive testing of concrete are the facilities which are being utilised by construction organizations like PWD, KPC, Railways etc. through the Consultancy cell.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory

This laboratory is equipped with the modern instruments and is used for training students and to carry out many project works.

Survey Laboratory

This laboratory has modern equipments which are extensively used for training. It has facilities to undertake Land survey, Repair of survey instruments and Training of surveyors. Total stations are being used extensively for all survey works .  Annual Survey Camp ( Extensive) will be  held for 2 weeks for pre final year students.

Computer Aided Design Center

The center has the modern computers of latest configurations. The center is activelyused for the research work in Computer-aided analysis and design of structures.