Department of Automobile Engineering


Established in the year 1982, the Department of Automobile Engineering traversed the path of knowledge dissemination and generation as well as delivering over 800 Automobile Engineering graduates to the Nation. Over these 35 glorious years, it has carved a niche for itself in the key areas of teaching, research, administration and community services. The Department of Automobile Engineering prioritize the necessary revamping of Automobile Engineering education, which is driven primarily by dynamics of technological advances and sustainable development and with active involvement of industry, alumni, research organizations and other stakeholders. Department offers B.E program. Department caters to more than 150 B.E students.



PEO 1: Graduates will have fundamental technical knowledge and develop core competency in diversified areas of Automobile Engineering with a view to expanding the knowledge horizon and inculcating lifelong learning.

PEO 2: Graduates will pursue advanced studies, research and industrial product development in the field of Automobile Engineering by developing partnerships with industrial and research agencies thereby serving the needs of the industry, government, society and scientific community.

PEO 3: Graduates will be capable of building their own careers upon a solid foundation of knowledge to solve automobile problems based on interdisciplinary approach and a strong sense of responsibility to serve their profession and society.

PEO 4: Graduates will have effective communication, leadership, teaming, entrepreneurship, problem solving and decision making skills by understanding contemporary issues thereby contributing to their overall personality and career development with ethical values